Since an early age Dj Kardiac has enjoyed music. Becoming a DJ was a natural progression when circumstances presented an opportunity to share his love of music. Dj Kardiac had a long time friend that he grew up with that was a resident Dj at a club that also offered patio entertainment. The pation was in need of musical coverage and his friend asked Dj Kardia to Dj and reluctantly he agreed. Afte playing a few songs and noticing a crowd forming their own dance floor and enjoying the music, he got ooked when he played a song that made everyone scream. Since that day it had been his mission to chase that scream over and over.

Over the years, Dj Kardiac has been the DJ at numerous events such as Seageams Gin Model search, corporate holiday parties, mall events, birthday parties, graduation paries, family reunions and weddings. Having experience with different type of events, DJ Kardiac is able to share his wide range of music to cater any event. Do not let the party flatline, keep DJ Kardiac in mind. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @djkardiac.

Day: Friday and Saturday
Time: 9:00PM to 10:00PM
Day: Monday-Friday
Time: 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Host: DJ Kardiac
Station: 92KELZ