Do you have a secret that you want to share, but you’re afraid of what people might think? Do you have a situation that you need a second opinion on? Are you itching to tell a secret that someone else told you? Let Konfessions be your outlet. No one will know it was you.

Hosted by Keiyah J. and J. Elyse, “Konfessions” is a safe space to talk about things you wouldn’t normally share with others. More than a talk show, Konfessions also highlights independent artists within communities across the country with the “New Artist of the Week” segment. In addition, there will be a fun music mix for a chance to win prizes every week! Stay tuned.

Day:  Saturday
Time: 4:00PM to 5:00PM
Hosts: Keiyah J. and Jamee (J. Elyse)
Station: 92Kelz