Lyrical & Spiritual

Lyrical & Spiritual is media company focused on promoting rappers who choose to bring glory to Jesus Christ.  We strive to highlight different Christian rappers and showcase their music, videos, events and movements. Our objective is to use Hip Hop as the bridge between the streets and the church. Lyrical & Spiritual was founded by Charles Lewis, aka Poetic Prophet in 2011.

The radio show is hosted by Poetic Prophet and Jayson Turner, aka JT The Golden Child.  It consists of a new weekly CHH playlist, a candid Bible Study discussion, artist interviews and more.  Sponsored by MoSerious Entertainment, L & S continues to expand and grow. The new partnership with Blessed Beatz Media is the next step towards continued growth and more impactful Kingdom Building.

Day: Monday
Time: 8:00PM to 10:00PM
Station: Blessed Beatz Radio
Hosts: Poetic Prophet and Jayson Turner, aka JT The Golden Child